Real Estate vs Architectural Photography

When shooting real estate, the goal is the create some high quality images that Realtors may use when creating fliers, posting in MLS Listings or even for use on their own web site. I generally work off of a shot list provided by the property owner and/or real estate agent. When shooting real estate, I schedule to be on site between 1 to 2 hours.

Exploring Your Needs

MLS Packages start at $250.00 and come with 25 edited images.

For Architectural Shoots are either half-day or full-day programs. The investment for Architectural Sessions is based on the anticipated time involved in both the shoot as well as the editing and retouching needed.


For my real-estate clients, I need them to provide me a “must-have” shot list in advance so I may properly prepare for the shoot. I strongly recommend that they inspect the property ahead of our scheduled appointment and insure that everything is photograph ready. While they are there they can remove everything that they wouldn’t want to appear in any of photos. It is much more economical for them to remove it before the shoot, than it is for me to edit it out in post production. Special editing is not included in the real estate package price. I recommend that my clients use their cell phones and take any photos they absolutely “must have” from the angles they want those photos taken from. Once they have completed their list, they can email or text the photos directly to me ahead of the shoot. If the agreement calls for aerial views, those too, need my client’s input as well.


On properties under 3,500 square feet, a standard photo session is $250.00. While I don’t work on a clock, the time scheduled is normally between 1 to 2 hours, and that includes travel time. There is a $200.00 additional charge for aerial views should drone photos be desired and possible. If all is needed are drone photos, aerial views start at $500.00. The standard photo session with or without aerial views includes 25 edited digital images. Virtual “Walk Through” presentations start at $250.00. Additional images are $25.00 each.

The investment on properties that are larger than 3,500 square feet is needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Payment is due at the time of delivery. To expedite delivery, a gallery is created and photos may be downloaded from the web.

In creating Architectural Photos, I am working to reveal a program. Everything is in its proper place. Here, my focus is to create timeless images that may be displayed in an architect’s portfolio, licensed for used in magazines or framed for their office. When shooting architectural photos, I will normally begin in the early morning and often work past sunset.

All images are copyrighted may not be sold or reproduced beyond their intended use. They may not be reproduced in any other form without my express written permission.