Posing Seattle is my street, park and events photography page. Perhaps you ran into me at Gene Coulon Memorial Park, or maybe it was Gasworks, Chamber’s Bay or any number of the beautiful scenic locations surrounding Seattle. This is a relatively new section to my web site where I plan to host galleries with dates and locations so you may see any photos I captured of you. Once you have found and viewed your photo, I would appreciate any feedback. You may email me at ( We are the Premier Headshot & Portrait Studio in Renton, WA.


Take a journey with me through some of the landmark areas of Seattle (such as The Space Needle and The Public Market) while I am working to capture some fascinating images through the distortion of a 4” crystal ball. I hope you find these images as fun to view as they were to create. If you find yourself somewhere in this series, please let me know so I can send you your photograph.


MAY 9, 2019

May 12 - May 18th

Gene Coulon Memorial Park

Mother’s Day began with a walk in the park - Coulon Park. While there weren't too many people there, it turned out to be a very interesting walk. After the park to was family photos the rest of the day and then back to The Park…