The Digital Runway

Pricing portrait and family photography is one of the most difficult things to do because everything varies from photographer to photographer. One photographer operates on a shoe string budget, while another has the most elaborate cameras, lenses and lighting. One shoots in a studio and another shoots on location. One photographer’s business model is based on “In Person” sales, while another’s business model follows a web based gallery presentations. Amateur photographers will shoot for free or next to nothing, in hopes of one day developing a style and becoming confident enough to charge. Photographers prices vary from photographer to photographer. The same is true of their style. Portrait and Family Photographs are very personal. If they are good, you are likely going to want them framed and displayed in your home. When seeking out a photographer, it is a good to inventory your needs. Are you looking for a canvas print that you can hang over your fireplace? Are you wanting to create some beautiful memories and frame them as wall art for your living room, den or master bedroom? Do you need some photos for your office or desk? How about an album of your family’s photos to display in bookcase or on your coffee table? Keep in mind when viewing the digital packages offered below, that you can take the digital to any photo lab or printer and have them produced. Or, you can order direct from you gallery and have them printed, framed and delivered all from the comfort of your home. Naturally, prints and frames are not included in the digital packages presented. And, again, you are under no obligation to have them produced in our professional lab. You are always free to select a lab of your choice. But it is nice to know that if you are looking for a printed selection, it is available right from your gallery and the comfort of your own home.

The Regular Package

Recently, I came across a photography business model that I really liked. It is simple and doesn’t involve any pressure. Payment arrangements can be made in advance, if necessary, but there is no need for “sticker shock”. With The Regular Package, there is a one-time fee for up to two people. That is currently $500.00. Additional people may be added to the same Package for $100.00 each. That means a family of 4 would cost a total of $700.00. The Regular Package includes the photo session, as well as all the best digital full-size images of the session. Normally, that ranges between 25 to 40 images depending on ward robe changes and the number of people involved in the shoot.

The Follow-Up Package

When a clients returns for a follow-up, they get the same experience as the Regular Package but at half the cost, (whatever that happens to be at that time.) If they come back two years later and the rate has increased they get their re-shoot for half price of the current rate. My client’s are encouraged to come back as often as they like. As outlined above, The Regular Package for a family of 4 is $700.00, therefore, The Follow-Up Package is only $350.00. It comes with all of the edited images, just as before. Again, if The Regular Package rate changes due to inflation or cost increases, The Follow-Up Package rate changes as well, but it is still half The Regular Package rate.

The Limited Package

For people who just need head shots or would like to have a limited number of images of them or their family, I offer The Limited Package, which is available for an investment of $250.00. Additional family members can be included for an add-on fee of $50.00 each. This plan is perfect for professionals who need headshots or new clients who just want to see what is possible. It includes a standard photo session and 10 fully edited digital images.

These offers apply to portraits and family photo sessions only.

They do not apply to Real Estate, Events or Architectural Photography.