Let’s Get Acquainted

I became active in photography in 2011. And as the years have passed, I have taken all kinds of photos. I’ve photographed real estate, wild life, portraits, landscapes, as well as weddings and events. I have shot the sun, moon and the stars though not necessarily in that order. In the beginning, I worked hard to get “hands on experience” with my camera. I probably sounded like a beggar trying to convince people to let me shoot them. And, to be be honest, my early photos weren’t good. They were out of focus and poorly exposed. Like most beginners, I didn’t know what I was doing and it showed. But that didn’t deter me. It has taken me years to develop my style as a photographer.

I enjoy portrait photography the most. I recall that as a child I would visit my grandmother. She had a house full of photo albums and when I would visit she would often set with me and go through the albums. There was all these relatives that I got to see that I never got to meet except through her albums. My grandmother loved to tell me stories about the people in those books. Even though it was nearly 6 decades ago, it was a special time that my grandmother and I shared that I still fondly remember today. Those photo albums were some of the most priceless keepsakes my grandmother owned. I could tell that she loved her photos. They were filled with history; family history. Today, I think there is a tendency to take family pictures for granted. Nearly everyone has a cell phone who is probably carrying hundreds, if not thousands of photos with them wherever they go. We have family photos mixed in with flat tire pictures and other insignificant things we have decided to photograph along the way. I am amused how many people take photos of their dinner. Few of those photos are worthy of frame and will likely ever find their way into a family photo album. Social media is great and it has its place, but let’s face it, it will never replace a keepsake such as a family album or framed portrait of a loved one. With all the photos on social media there are, I find it interesting that when a family member passes away, the first thing someone asks me is, “Can you look through your photos and see if you have pictures of fill in the blank?” Of course, they don’t want just any pictures. They probably have a cell phone full of those shots. They want someone to produce a quality portrait.

What about you? Is there someone in your family who has those old photo albums they bring out at family events? Do you cherish keepsakes? Do you feel responsible to photo document your family’s history? As you think about your home, could your walls use more framed art of your family? Do you have that one great portrait above your fireplace? Whatever your needs, I would enjoy helping you create the heirlooms or keepsakes today that you will cherish tomorrow. As you grow old, nothing will be more valuable to you that the photos of today.

Take a look at my portfolio and see if I might be the perfect photographer for you. Sessions start at $249 and come with two digital images. I’d love to visit with you about your needs. Why not give me a call to schedule a free consultation?