Tim Hanley Photography



What is your approach?  

I generally start with an interview so I can learn about you.  Nearly everyone has concerns when it comes having their photo taken.  What is your best side?  Are there areas of your body you are concerned about?  Why are you interested in a photo shoot?  How will the photos be used or displayed? My ultimate goal is to create the photos that you want. To get an idea of my services please see my galleries on the Welcome Page.

What will this cost and what is included?


The session fee for a portrait or family photo session is $200.00. Retouched digital images are priced separately for $50.00 each.  


Weddings and events are based on half day and full day pricing plus travel. 

Half Day Event - $600

Full Day Event - $1,100

Full Day and Reception - $1,500

Please see print product pricing listed below.  

How it works?
When you book your session, an invoice is sent via PayPal for the session fee.  The session fee is due prior to the shoot.  When I complete the photo shoot, I will create two galleries.  The first gallery will display your retouched digital images.  You may review and make purchases in the privacy of your home and download your selections in high definition immediately. The second gallery will display any Photo Art pieces that I have created from your photo shoot.  Those items are custom creations and priced based upon how long they took me to create.  Whenever you purchases a minimum of 8 digital images, you will be allowed to choose one Photo-Art piece, free of charge to be printed on an 8X10 fine art paper with an 11X14 mat.  Please note that digital images are not available for Photo Art pieces.  Those are only available on fine art paper or canvas.  They may not be reproduced without my written consent.  Print product may also be ordered for digital images per the price sheet below.  

How do I book an appointment?

Simply call me at (206) 290-3825 or email me at tim@timhanleyphotography.com.  If I don't answer, I am most likely with another client, so simply leave me a message with your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that I have a very busy schedule and may need to have 2 to 4 weeks advance notice.  So, if you need your photos by a certain time, you should plan the shoot 4 to 6 weeks in advance to insure that the session can be scheduled and that I will have time to complete the editing.

Can someone attend my photoshoot with me?

Absolutely.  I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Please feel free to bring whoever you like for moral support. 

Can I meet you in advance of scheduling?

I often meet with my clients in advance of a photo shoot at a local Starbucks so we can plan their shoot over a cup of coffee.  This is an excellent way for me to get to know you and find out exactly what you are wanting to create with me.  

What should I wear and how many wardrobe changes should I make?

I want you to wear something you are comfortable in.  I don't recommend going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe.  You have something in your closet that you feel you look good in and are comfortable wearing.  I would tend to avoid busy looking outfits as it may distract from the picture we are working to create.  Solid earth tone colors are usually a safe bet.  Black and white is  always a winning combination.  As far as how many wardrobe changes you might expect to make; I would plan for a minimum of 3 or 4.  It is always nice to have a variety of choices.  I provide a portable changing closet to provide you privacy enabling you to make wardrobe changes where ever we shoot.  I do not limit anyone on the number of outfits or the time it takes to complete the shoot. At the end of the day, I want you to have everything you are looking for from your session.

Will you pose me or help me pose?

Yes, I work with people all the time and promise, this part will be painless and fun.  The most important thing is to relax and have a good time.  You can't do a photo session wrong.  Only the photog can make a mistake and any good photog should know how to correct his or her own blunders.

How long before I get to see the pictures?

Once we complete the shoot, edit the photos and then create your gallery and your photos will be available for purchase and download. Many times the photos can be made available within 24 to 48 hours.


Product List and Pricing:  (Just let me know if you are interested in any of the print products available.  I used to allow these to be ordered direct from the lab on line, but since the photos may need additional work due to sizing, I would prefer you place your request through me so I can edit the photos once the crops have been completed.)

À la carte Pricing

High Luster Prints

5X7 - $39.99 ea

8X10 - $49.99 ea

11X14 - $79.99 ea

16X20 - $124.99 ea

24X30 - $144.99 ea

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

16X20 - $379.00 ea

24X30 - $485.00 ea

Metal Prints

8X10 - $122.00

11X14 - $160.00

16X20 - $265.00

24X30 - $437.50

High Definition Digital Images (Not available for Photo Art Pieces)

$50.00 ea.

Standard Portrait Collection (includes) $850

8 - 8X10 fine art prints in 11X14 Matts with Keepsake Box and Glass Hinged Lid

2 - 11X14 fine art prints

1 - Your choice of a 16 X 20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print or a 24 X 30 Metal Print

*  All prices subject to Washington State Sales Tax.

What clients say

Tim really captured our family in the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. He was so easy to work with and paid attention to what we wanted and what would have the best result. I have already told all my friends and family about him and couldn't imagine having anyone else take our pictures.  
~Tiffany Duane, Dental Assistant, Burien, WA

Tim Hanley is a creative, strong willed, enthusiastic, passionate, and patient photographer. He is a wonderful person to be around when having a photo shoot because he is engaged and very artistic with his ideas. I played Division I women’s basketball at Boston College for four years and University of Oregon for one year and have found the perfect photographer that does a wide arrange of pictures. Whether I want pictures with my friends, by myself, with my boyfriend, family holiday photos; Tim is excited and captures every picture. He is very patient and inventive and will except any ideas that I have and listen to my wants and needs. If you don’t know where to go for a great photographer that has passion for what he is doing, spends countless hours editing and making every photo perfect;  stop right now! Tim Hanley is your guy! 
~Kathleen Cooper, M.A Nonprofit Management, University of Oregon, Class of 2016
Mobile: 253-249-9768, Katcooper44@gmail.com 

Tim is more than a photographer because he reveals his heart through his work with passion and attention to detail. He also made our family photo experience joyful and fun. I love every one of our family portraits and really look forward to having him capture more lasting moments in our family’s lives. 
~Lan Nguyen, Personal Injury Attorney, Seattle, WA

Tim has had several photo shoots with my granddaughter Serenity and with each one we are amazed with the photos he takes and the professional pictures that are produced. His work is outstanding and would recommend his photography work highly!
~Carin Hoath, Cambridge Park, Australia

I have known Tim Hanley not only as a great friend but as an amazing photographer for some time now. He is trustworthy, kind, inspiring, and passionate about his work. He takes great pride in doing his best for everyone and anyone he works with. When my daughter had her High School prom Tim captured every moment. The photos were beautiful and amazing. If you want someone you can count on to do amazing work and make your day brighter along the way then this is your guy!
~Debbie Kamran, Customer Service Representative, ServPro of Renton